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Strategic Planning - The Curse of Health Care Owners

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Any business needs a plan. What I have seen is that all clinicians are amazing at what they do. The nature of the healthcare industry has shown me that you graduate as a professional having studied something that you love.

Generally, you go and work for someone and then purchase or build a practice. This is such a huge investment for yourself and your future.

Things track along well for a couple of years and then the burdens of being a business owner form a cloud over what you love.

Ideally, all business owners need a business plan so they can see where they are, what they want to achieve and where they want to go. In reality, this rarely occurs. This is where I can assist you in a step-by-step approach to Business Process Improvement to create value for your business and maximise profit.

My mission is to assist health practices to add value to their business whilst balancing their home and work life. I support health practices to achieve, thrive and sustain without breaking the bank.

I stand by my key values of:

Integrity, Honesty, Value, and Understanding

Strategic and operational planning together with procedure development doesn’t happen overnight and you need key people in your practice to help you get there. Ideally, your Practice Manager and your partner may also want to be involved to do this for you. I can assist them in working with you to take those small steps. This involves, guiding you all through the processes and referring you to my networks as necessary.

Accreditation is a fabulous tool to get you started with those foundations. Your associations usually have resources to assist you, but if you would like some one-on-one assistance, I can help! I have personally passed accreditation for a medical start-up practice on the first visit and completed three accreditations with an orthodontic practice.

I worked on Strategic Planning in our practice and then with the orthodontist. Dr. Ash can attest through his testimonial, that I was integral in his practice growth. My husband and I owned and grew two modern dental practices before selling them profitably in November 2015.

If you have questions like:

“My spouse and I have conflict about the business. S/he thinks that the wages are too high. My staff keep asking for pay rises. This is causing conflict at home and work.”

“I am working so many hours and I want more time for myself and my family.”

“I am unhappy as I love the clinical side of my practice, but I don’t want to be a boss.”

“I don’t like conflict.”

I can help you. I offer a complimentary service where I can meet you personally to discuss your concerns and see if there is any way I can help. Please call or email me.

To learn more about how I can help your health care practice, visit my services.

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