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Three Foundations of any Healthcare Practice.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Three foundations are a base in any healthcare practice. They link together for your practice to provide exceptional care. They are clinical excellence, teamwork and customer service. The owner then has values; this positions your practice apart from your competition.

These foundations are pivotal in everything you do. It is a circle. A potential patient finds out where they should go by asking friends and family. They may get a few names, so they Google, and then look at socials.

They decide to make an appointment at your practice.

That first phone call is the key to customer service!

  • The receptionist must be happy, and knowledgeable and explain everything to the patient. All the paperwork that goes out must be timely, correct and professional.

The day of the appointment has arrived:

  • They arrive at a clean, friendly, welcoming practice. They then go into the clinic for their first consultation. The practitioners and clinicians must be knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable. The key is understanding patient needs and offering a service to match. These benefits must be explained to the patient fully with time for questions. "How does that sound?"

🤞If you have a good referral, their journey through your socials, the phone call and first impressions at practice align, there is a higher likelihood of them taking up recommended treatment.

  • The journey then moves to the clinic. Clinical excellence begins here. The patient must receive top-quality treatment together with being in a happy environment. They must see value in being a patient of your practice.

  • Entwined in all of this is teamwork. Every team member must work together to provide that customer service, as this is the person who will be referring your practice patients. So the circle is complete - teamwork, clinical excellence and customer service!

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