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Embracing Core Foundations for Dental Practice Success.

Updated: Jun 17

Our second purpose built dental practice
Southern Dental Care - Smile By Design.

At Aligned Business Consulting, led by Michelle Pritchard, we understand that the bedrock of a successful dental practice is built upon four key elements: clinical excellence, exceptional patient experience, effective teamwork, and deeply rooted values.

Clinical Excellence: The Pulse of Patient Care

Clinical excellence, as championed by Michelle with her over 20 years of industry experience, goes beyond state-of-the-art equipment and skilled practitioners. It is a culture of continuous learning and ethical practice, ensuring every patient receives the highest standard of care. Michelle’s approach, shaped by her extensive experience in managing and growing dental practices, advocates for a practice environment that prioritises top-quality treatment within a supportive setting.

Exceptional Patient Experience: Beyond First Impressions

Drawing from Michelle’s firsthand experience in enhancing patient journeys, we emphasise the importance of professionalism, warmth, and efficiency at every touchpoint. Michelle's history of transforming patient experiences in her own practices demonstrates the power of integrating core values into each interaction, fostering consistent and trusting patient relationships.

Teamwork: Synergy in Action

Michelle Pritchard’s approach to teamwork, influenced by her successful management of diverse dental teams, highlights the importance of collaboration. By valuing and recognising each individual’s contribution, a team spirit is cultivated, extending beyond the practice to enhance patient satisfaction and care.

Integrating Values in Every Step

Our guiding principles, deeply ingrained through Michelle’s career, inform every decision and interaction. Her commitment to the highest ethical standards and fostering a culture of compassion and respect are what set Aligned Business Consulting apart.

Technology and the Human Touch

Embracing technological advancement while maintaining the human touch in dental care is a philosophy borne of Michelle’s experience in integrating AI-driven patient management systems and advanced diagnostics in her practices. This approach improves accuracy and efficiency while preserving the essential personal connection in patient care.

Continuous Improvement: A Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is a reflection of Michelle’s journey. Constantly seeking feedback, evaluating practices, and adapting to evolving patient needs are practices she has honed over her career, keeping her and Aligned Business Consulting at the forefront of dental care and service.

Our Commitment to Shaping the Future

Under Michelle Pritchard’s leadership, Aligned Business Consulting is dedicated to innovation, excellence, and a deep-seated commitment to patient care. Her award-winning expertise, recognised as the Best Dental Business Consulting Services Company 2024 - Western Australia by APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards, guides dental practices towards a future where these principles are not just aspirations but actualised realities.

Join Us on This Life Changing Journey

We invite you to join us in redefining dental excellence and setting new benchmarks in patient care and practice success.

To learn more about how I can help your dental practice, visit my services.

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