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Why Should You Listen to Michelle Pritchard of Aligned Business Consulting?

Michelle Pritchard, Founder, Aligned Business Consulting

Hello! I’m Michelle Pritchard, the passionate founder of Aligned Business Consulting. With over two decades of rich experience in the dental industry, my journey has been more than just a career – it has been a commitment to revitalising dental practices and restoring the passion of dental professionals.

My Path to Empowering Dental Practices:

  • Extensive Industry Experience: My career spans over 20 years, during which I have witnessed firsthand the challenges dental professionals face. From managing competing priorities to maintaining a profitable practice, I understand the nuances of this dynamic field, having been. co-owner and manager of multiple practices.

  • Revitalising Your Passion for Dentistry: My mission is clear – to help you rediscover your love for dentistry. Through my bespoke Diagnostic Reviews, in-depth consultations, and insightful in-house observations, I guide practices towards heightened profitability and professional fulfilment.

Unique Blend of Expertise and Perspective:

  • Diverse Background: My expertise extends beyond dentistry. With a solid foundation in corporate banking and financial management, complemented by a commerce degree, I bring a holistic approach to dental practice management.

  • Proven Success in Practice Management: Co-owning a technologically advanced dental start-up that flourished and expanded significantly, I have demonstrated success in practice growth and profitability. My experience in managing a medical and progressive orthodontic practice, both achieving remarkable growth and revenue increases, is a testament to my effective management strategies.

Real-World Solutions and Recognitions:

  • Effective Problem-Solving: Attending conferences and actively engaging in the dental community, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in solving real-world challenges in dental practices.

  • Award-Winning Expertise: Recently honoured as the Best Dental Business Consulting Services Company 2024 - Western Australia by APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards, my expertise is nationally recognised.

  • Authoritative Voice in the Industry: As the principal speaker at the upcoming ADAWA Business CPD event, my insights are sought after by industry peers.

Empowering General and Specialist Dental Business Owners:

  • Tailored Strategies for Success: Leveraging resources from ADA, ASO, TIO, Momentum Management, Prime Practice, Rosemary Bray and CCI, amongst many others, I have implemented proven strategies to create successful and profitable dental practices.

  • Recent Success Stories: Collaborating with a specialist practice, I have been instrumental in their turnaround – enhancing team morale, improving cash flow, and setting them on a path to expansion with a happy team and thriving practice.

Join the Journey Towards Dental Excellence:

  • Let us embark on a transformative journey to rediscover your passion for dentistry. With Aligned Business Consulting, your practice will not only thrive financially but also in terms of team dynamics and patient satisfaction.

To learn more about how I can help your dental practice, visit my services.

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